Mr.Pae Arak's house

Set 5.1.2 consists of
1. Sonos Arc
2. Sonos Sub
3. Sonos One SL White Stand Sonos * 2
4. Sonos Amp for connection turntable out of speakers

Before I realize it, I already have more than 10 Sonos in the house both ordered by myself from the website and came to listen to it myself at the showroom. I like to listen to things that are realistic and detailed, but Sonos is more than just the sound for me, it is a convenient smart speaker that allows you to command everything through a single app. I focus on watching movies and listening to music. Sometimes I often listen to my own songs as well. Sometimes I even listen to the demo for bugs. Sonos has helped me a lot. For those who like to listen to music, watch a movie with really good quality, realistic, and High-end sound at home, the Rezonix team can give you a consultation before you make a decision. Go listen to it at the showroom. The salespersons are very friendly and give good advice. You can listen until you’re satisfied. Plus, using Sonos, you don’t have to worry about it being outdated at all for there is always an update to add new features.