Mr. Tong2p's house

Install :
Set 5.1.2 consists of
1. Sonos Arc
2. Sonos Sub
3. Sonos One SL * 2
4. Sonos port for connecting CDJ devices when playing music
5. Sonos Five * 2

I choose Sonos because I have known it for a long time but just decided to install it now because I’m making a new house so I installed it while building the house as well. I mostly play music on CDJ music and listen to it on iTunes. I’m very impressed. The sound is good and everything is realistic, detailed and lately, I stay at home for a long time so I often watch movies. No need to talk about watching movies at all because I choose to install almost full options so everything is beyond perfect. Home for me must be a place where I want to relax, Sonos come in and make us want to stay at home, just lie down and listen to music, make music, watch movies, our simple things. It matches the lifestyle of a new generation like me. Everything must be easy to understand, no-hassle. It’s controlled through the Sonos app and it’s done, with no complicated wiring or the need to drill a wall like the old days. Sonos makes me understand that the old days are over. In this era, everything must be smart life.