Chuan Chuen Village

Install :
living room
1. Sonos Arc
2. Sonos One SL * 2
1. Sonos Beam
2. Sonos One SL * 2
1. Sonos Five

Our home is quite large and we like to put on therapeutic music that gives us a feeling like we’re in a hotel or lounge at the airport, therefore, we installed Sonos all over the house. We had the opportunity to actually test the Sonos at the Rezonix showroom and listened twice before deciding because there are many comparisons with other brands but when I go back and listen for the second time, I felt that Sonos is not just a sound system, but also a smart gadget that is easy to use that you don’t need to carry around. The design is compatible with our home, and we want something simple and minimal that is compatible with every corner of our house because we intend to install a large set all over the house and we are very worried about the wires but with Sonos, there is hardly any visible cable. The installation and usage are easy. On the day the staff came to install it and teach us how to use it, I was impressed because everything was so easy. The team takes care of us very well since the day we went to the showroom. There is a next one for sure.