Primo Piazza Khao Yai Village

Installation : Product : Includes
1. Sonos Beam
2. Sonos One SL * 4

I focus on watching TV and organizing parties. Personally, I already like sound systems and choose Sonos because I already trust and like everything that is Sonos, so I don’t think much. Both technology and usage are easy and met my need. Mainly, I like listening to most music of the time. The setup is not difficult at all. Plus there are not a lot of wires hanging around. It’s like just installing, setting up the app, and listening. It’s very easy. Plus the team takes care of it very well. They are very professional. When I don’t understand something I can call them anytime. The after-sales service is what I look for first. Anyone who is not sure I recommend you to go listen to it at the Rezonix showroom, try calling them first then state your initial requirements or let them help design the system.