Sansiri Pattanakarn Project

Install :
1. Sonos Beam * 2
2. Sonos Arc * 1
3. Sonos One SL*8
4. Sonos Move * 1

I like movies very much, so movies must feel realistic when. I don’t like going out that much, so I want to create my own movie theater at home. I had the opportunity to make an appointment to listen to the sound at the Rezonix showroom. The service was very impressive. They really let me sit and listen. I really like it. The salesperson does not urge me to buy anything I do not need, and I’m impressed with everything both the technology, usage, and sound, this one is ranked number 1, it wows me, the sound is realistic and detailed. Movie lovers like me can’t live without hearing the special effects in movies, so I choose to install Sonos in 2 small cinema rooms and 1 big movie room. Now it has become a gathering place for everyone in the house.