eight condos

Install: Set 5.1.2 consists of 1. Sonos Arc 2. Sonos Sub 3. Sonos One SL Withe Stand Sonos * 2

I focus on watching movies, listening to music, playing games with my PS5. For me, gaming needs to be realistic and I’m not talking about just the resolution but the sound as well and Sonos comes in to make everything more perfect. When I look for a good speaker to buy, I think very hard because many of them are neck and neck, it’s difficult to decide but I chose Sonos because I have the opportunity to make an appointment to listen to the real sound and I’m impressed. That day, I bought it and made an appointment to install it and in the end, I took almost the whole set. Most importantly, I can’t see any messy wires that disturb our furniture at all. The set-up is so fast that I didn’t think it would finish so quickly. I usually use an iPad or a mobile phone to command everything and I can do it with the Sonos app. I know that I will use Sonos for a long time because Sonos has an update to add new features all the time.